👋  Hi, I'm Abby. 

I'm a story-teller, photographer, tech nerd and optimistic existentialist.

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If any of this resonates, please reach out! 

I'm always looking to befriend intellectually curious, optimistic, compassionate individuals who are ambitious about changing the world for the better. 

Quiet Achievers

Quiet Achievers is a representative platform that shares and celebrates the authentic stories and passions of a diverse group of intelligent, empathetic, giving and inspiring Asian-Australians. 

From politicians to startup founders to artists to climate activists. From first, second, third generation Asian-Australians to migrants who have ended up calling Australia their home. 

Along the way, we also explore each individual’s relationship with their cultural identity and look into how that has shaped them as a person.

A labour of love; this project combines my three passions: photography, story-telling and identity exploration. 


Screenshot of Tech for Social Good's website

Tech for Social Good aka TSG

Co-founder and COO at TSG.

TSG's vision is to create Australia’s first community driven technology firm. We aspire to create technology to improve outcomes for individuals, strengthen communities and solve society’s most pressing problems.

The goal is to demonstrate the viability and impact of a grassroots, community-driven model to building tech. 




I picked up film photography in 2018. It's my first proper passion that I've kept up and continuously iterated on. I specialise in street photography and enjoy capturing how humans interact with our physical spaces. Usually built, sometimes natural. I'm getting into portraiture a lot more. 

Simply put, I enjoy finding the beauty in the mundane and everyday.   

📷 Cameras:
Film: Olympus OM-2n
Digital: Leica Q2
Every day: iPhone 13 Pro 


I'm always on the lookout for new creative & photography projects 📸  
Reach out if you're interested and/or want to collaborate!